Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Guess I'll go first!

I'm going to attempt Jessica. I don't think it's been an uber popular pattern (?), but I think it is really cute, and can't think of anything else to do! I'm using Andean Silk in Hyacinth, Sangria, and Cream. I hope I have enough! I also hope it works out with just 3 colors. If not, I'm sure I have plenty of other yarn I can try to squeeze in and make it work. We'll see.

So I've only done 2 sweaters so far, in that sense it is a challenge. The biggest part of the challenge is actually being able to finish it in time. It's also got slip stitching, which I've no clue how to do. Good luck to me and all the SM Yarn Whores! Gonna go swatch NOW!


At 11:58 AM, Blogger divy said...

that is such a cute pattern.

i used andean silk for my first sweater. it's just lovely stuff.

At 8:54 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

that is cute. Impressive choice as well, can't wait to see it finished.


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