Monday, February 13, 2006

Almost half done.

Maybe? Okay, when I finish the top sleeves I'll be halfway done. I finally got through the slip stitch edging on the neck (it helps if you thoroughly read the pattern) and all I have to do is seam the shoulders and sleeves - the top half will be done!

I got my Leaf today, too! It is a blurry pic, but you can see the colors anyway.

I'm still waiting on two more balls of the Sangria, I totally wasn't thinking about dyelots, so I really hope that they are close. I'm doing the sleeves with two balls at the same time, so I run out at the same time, if the color is different on the other balls, at least it'll be in the same spots on the sleeves? Ugh, I hope its not bad.

I took most of last night off to do some plying of the yarn I spun up in the last two days, so I missed a lot of knitting time. Better make up for it tonight!


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