Monday, February 13, 2006

Progress So Far

I need to take pictures, but, alas, so far I have not. LOL

This weekend (beginning on Friday and as of last night at 11 p.m.) I knit the front panel, back panel and 38 1/2 inches of the center panel of the Letter Have It bag from the SnB Nation book. I'm hoping by Wednesday to have finished the center panel and started the handles.

I have to buy some 8" dpns to do the evile icord part.

I'm so freaking nervous about the sewing part it's not even funny. I dreamed that I couldn't get the zipper in and that I was mocked on SMs. *please don't let that happen* Thanks to Twin for her zipper sewing tips. I'm going to get some pins with my dpns. LOL

At this point, it looks like I will finish by Sunday the 26th. *fingers crossed*


At 7:31 PM, Blogger Lauren said...

Hurry up and post pictures!


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