Sunday, February 12, 2006

Finished one!

Well, I finished the first one. Yay! It's, um, not quite a "10" however...I was so worried about my purls being too loose that the middle got a little tight. I posted yesterday about being at the halfway mark - and I was, according to the pattern. But after I got through the end of the 2nd repetition, it seemed like if I knitted another 33 rows, per the pattern, I would have a rectangle. So I decided to finish it. Somewhere around row 36, I goofed something - I still don't have any idea what. So I pulled it out and got it back on the needles. That wasn't easy because I still have a hard time counting rows - I was pretty sure which row was goofed, but it took me forever to figure out which way to get it back on the needle. Which it shouldn't have, because of course there's only one way to put it back on but I can be dense sometimes...And somehow, I dropped a stitch on one edge, and did a YO to make up for it, and then I realized when I got to that place after I picked up knitting that a YO would leave a hole. At which point I decided that I was not about to pull it out again and that hole was a nice little eccentricity, lol.


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